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Add Drama and Contrast With These Dark Foliage Houseplants

by Catherine Marrone 09/13/2021

Houseplants come in a rainbow of colors beyond the expected green. Growers are discovering new colorful varieties of popular plants, including those with dark foliage. Dark-leafed plants make a bold statement in an indoor space and add a touch of drama to any plant collection. If you’re interested in finding the perfect dark foliage for your space, here are some suggestions to guide you.

Burgundy Rubber Tree

The rubber tree stands out in a crowd with its deep red leaves. New leaves grow in burgundy colored and mature to a glossy black appearance, making a rubber tree a truly stunning addition to any room. To keep a rubber tree thriving and its leaves as richly pigmented as possible, make sure it gets plenty of bright light and consistent watering.

Raven ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is a favorite among plant owners for its easygoing nature and ability to thrive in low light. While the normal ZZ has glossy green leaves, the raven variety appears almost jet black. New leaves come in green and gradually darken as they mature. While this variety of ZZ plant is rare, its rising popularity has made it easier to find at nurseries and other plant retailers.

Alocasia Black Velvet

For the more advanced plant owners, an alocasia makes a beautiful addition to a well-lit room. Part of the elephant ear plant family, the leaves on the black velvet are an extremely dark green with contrasting white veins. Per their name, the leaves are velvety soft in texture, which makes them even more striking up close. Alocasia need high humidity and consistent light to thrive, so a humidifier is a must-have to keep these plants happy.

Colocasia Black Magic

Another elephant ear, the colocasia black magic, is a much larger cousin of the smaller alocasia. This plant produces enormous dark purple leaves that appear black as they mature. They are often sold and grown as outdoor plants but do well indoors as well with enough humidity. Make sure you have the space as these plants can grow up to 6 feet tall with leaves 2 to 3 feet in diameter.

Aeonium Black Rose

If you prefer succulents, the aeonium black rose is the perfect choice for a dark and dramatic houseplant. This succulent has large rosette-shaped blooms in a deep purple that appears black in certain light. As with all succulents, consistent bright light and careful watering is key to their happiness and survival.

These are only a few of the dark-leafed plants you can grow as houseplants. While they are sometimes more difficult to find than the common green versions, these special plants with their black foliage will create eye-catching contrast in any room.

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